• 3 layered knitwear

    Multifunctional handmade clothing with 3 layers in 3 different colors. You can make 12 color combinations in the form of a dress and 12 color combinations as a sweater. + sleeves (can be used as a scarf and a belt)
  • Multiple cardigans in ONE A cardigan and a vest in one clothing piece. You can make different variations by dressing the vest and the cardigan together or separately. This changes the center of the clothing – the place where the cord is. See the video instructions below:
  • Poncho – Cardigan – Dress – Skirt – Fun

    Handmade clothing piece changing according to your mood. This piece is an unique transformable knitwear and can be worn as a poncho, a cardigan, a dress or a skirt. See the video instructions below:
  • Multiple dresses and sweaters all in ONE piece. For the different Woman Multifunctional clothing piece combining multiple dresses and sweaters. Gives you the opportunity to wear it according to the wheatear (the meteorological and the one inside of you). See the video instructions below: